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Dr Deborah Lockwood will guide you to blast past procrastination and turn your dreams into achievable goals.

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What You’ll Experience:

  • You’ll discover the art of crafting compelling goals without feeling limited by negative self-talk
  • You’ll experience the simple yet profoundly effective process for eliminating self-doubt (Good news: It’s simpler than you think!)
  • Imagine knowing exactly what you want and feeling confident in your ability to attain it
  • The entire training is just 30 minutes, so you’ll find it easy to benefit rapidly

🗓️ Date & Time: Saturday 3rd February at 11am US Eastern time

🖥️ Recording of the event will be sent to you afterwards just for signing up.

🎁 Special bonusinstant access to a complimentary guide:  “The 10 Secret Steps to Crafting Irresistible Goals”.

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