LifeChanger Success Program

Session 1 Power Boost 💥

There’s more homeplay this week than there will be in subsequent weeks, but this sets the stage for the rest of the program, so please do as much of it as you can. 


LifeChanger Program Facebook Group

You should have already received an email with an invitation to join our LifeChanger Program Facebook Group.  If you haven’t already joined, please do so now.  As it’s a private, hidden group you’ll need to “request to join” and then wait for me to admit you.  Just having access to it is enough for now.


Create your visions for the future

Sit in a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed, with a pen and paper, and relax using whatever technique you find works best for you.  We’ll use a few during the program, so you can find one that suits you, but if you have a favorite way to relax already, use that.

Just wait for a short while for any messages in any form from your inner self.

Then, ask the following questions and write down whatever comes to mind.  The idea is to receive unfiltered answers from your subconscious, so unless you are REALLY good at typing, this works best with pen and paper.  Don’t try to “improve” the message at this stage.  It’s OK if the thoughts/impressions are negative, or misspelled, or seem completely ridiculous to you at this stage.  We’ll sift and edit later.  Write down as much as you can, but if ideas are coming thick and fast, try to capture the ideas with trigger words.


  • What would I love in the area of health and wellbeing?
  • What would I love in the area of wealth?
  • What would I love in the area of time freedom?
  • What would I love in the area of vocation? (job, career, what I spend my time on)
  • What would I love in the area of relationships? 
  • What would I love in the area of growth?
  • What would I love in the area of spirituality?


Your brain's operating system

Notice that the answers from the above exercise come from what you desire, but also are filtered by your brain’s current “operating system”. Read through your answers and notice if they are predominantly negative.  It’s OK if they are, but you can learn something about your operating system from this. 

This is part of the first tool of the Brave Thinking Institute: “Notice what you are noticing”.  Just becoming aware of how your unconscious processing is filtering your reality is the first step in rewriting it to something that will work better for you.  


Negative -> Positive

Rewrite your answers, in full sentences, turning negative statements into positive and, if needed, more encompassing equivalents. 

E.g. Turn “I don’t want to have back pain” into “I want my body to move freely and be completely comfortable”. 

Note that this is only the first step toward changing your goals/visions into what Paul Scheele calls “well-formed goals”.  We’ll make further adjustments in later sessions.

That’s a lot of homework, and it’s OK if you don’t finish it, but do as much as you can.

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