One app, endless possibilities to change your life

LifeChanger makes it easy for you to set goals, stay motivated, build habits, organize daily tasks and track your progress to build the life you deserve.  Unleash the power of AI driven goals to transform your life.

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Daily Inspiration

Start each day feeling inspired to build the best version of yourself

Inspirational positive reinforcement

Customise your gratitude lists, affirmations, and aspirations to resonate with your goals and represent your vision to ensure that every day takes you where you want to go.

Bring energy for everyday success

Strengthen your mental growth and ​​choose the ideas that motivate and help you build life-changing habits.


Set your intentions and focus on improving your life

Achieve the goals that are meaningful to you

Break down your goals into milestones and actionable steps and schedule activities to achieve anything you plan.

Never miss an opportunity

Set up reminders that will help you progress more rapidly and with less effort toward achieving your most meaningful goals.

Establish life-enhancing habits

Turning small positive changes into regularly practised habits can take you effortlessly to vastly different outcomes.  

Unlock the power of AI

Let our AI craft a meaningful Description of your goal, so you can feel yourself achieving it and know that you’re now unstoppable. Our AI helps you understand WHY you want this, to propel you forward. Watch as it suggests Milestones, Action Steps, and Solutions for potential Obstacles. It also offers valuable goal-tracking support.


Plan your activities in line with your life’s mission


Own your time and make the most of every day life

Check your productivity zones

Increase productivity by scheduling important tasks and avoiding unimportant tasks at the time of day when you are most awake and inspired.

Set due dates for your activities

Get more done by setting a specific time or due date for important activities.

Get the whole picture with time blocks

Feel in control by viewing at a glance when you are less busy and can schedule a new activity.

Set your custom views

Feel free to choose how you want to see what is coming up to perfectly fit your workflow. 


Keep yourself organized and feel in control of your life

There's never been a better moment to start


We are thrilled to witness our customers change their lives and want you to be next

I love the LifeChanger app because it’s so easy to use. Organizing tasks into lists and sublists and being able to edit them and drag-and-drop them where I want lets me prioritize my tasks in no time. Working on my Habits now.
LifeChanger has changed my life, and it can change yours too. Finally I can integrate the self-development tools I have learned into my daily life and keep my mission and my aspirations foremost in my mind as I plan my activities.
Developing LifeChanger is a joy and a challenge, because we want to offer to the world a tool that can truly change lives, allowing people to manage their busy days while staying focused on their dreams

Tudor Dumitriu

It’s so easy to stay organized with this app in all aspects of my life. The app has helped me get rid of tons of paper lists, that I used to have to search through for what I needed – I also had a list of lists on paper, that now is replaced by the “Views” in the app. So convenient and easy to use! What I like the most is the Sharing part, in which one of my friends can see a list that I made
Lifechanger is like a swiss army knife of personal assistance apps. With planning, organization, collaboration, habit building, inspiration, goal tracking and journaling, I have all the tools I need to change my life for the better. All in one convenient app, instead of juggling back and forth between multiple apps.
LifeChanger is an app that helps me stay organized and focused on what is important to succeed in my life. It also, helps me everyday to remember what my goals are. It reminds me to visualize them and helps me to achieve them. I love it!
LifeChanger allowed me to gain clarity in defining my life goals and the focus to reach them
I LOVE the LifeChanger app! It really gives me an uplifting start to each day and ensures I get my busy life in order.

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