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Discover your true aspirations and build a rock-solid foundation to put yourself on track to living an intentional, unstoppable life.

From being stuck to freedom, impact, and fulfillment – the LifeChanger Success Program has the answers you are looking for.

Warning: This program is not for people who just want to fit in!

I’m Dr. Deborah Lockwood and I was a successful cardiologist in the USA before finding my true calling as a transformational life coach and hypnotist. I believe every one of us has unique gifts and talents that must be expressed in order for us to have the life we deserve. Let me help you accelerate your journey to becoming the extraordinary individual you were designed to be.

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The 8-Step Path to achieve your most ambitious aspirations

#1. Set the course for your life

Gain clarity on your true life aspirations

Get crystal clear on what you really want in each area of your life, including health and well-being, wealth and abundance, family and relationships, work career and personal/spiritual growth. 

So imagine, by the end of the first week you’ll have absolute clarity on what you want and why you want it and you will have set your intentions.

#2. Believe in the possible

Learn to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve big goals

Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself so even when those around you tell you your dreams are not achievable, you’ll be confident enough to keep forging ahead.

Once you know what you aspire to, how great would it be to feel certain that you can make this happen? 

#3. Discover the power of decisions

Decide to commit to your goals and watch the magic begin!

Committing to your perfect future will open up the subconscious to look for ways to achieve it.  By the end of week 3 you’ll realize that opportunity is everywhere when you are open to it.

You’ll notice new ideas, new people and new opportunities.  It can feel almost unreal how things just fall into place when your subconscious is working with you.

#4. Prioritize needle-moving activities

Learn how to use a vision of your perfect future to make your activities count

You’ll learn how to work smarter rather than harder.  You’ll organize your activities so that everyday you’ll make progress towards your goals.  And it won’t seem like hard work!  Instead, after seeing what needs to be done, you’ll choose the most needle-moving activities so you can make the most progress while feeling excited and having fun.

You’ll learn how to brainstorm, organize and schedule your activities using the LifeChanger app, prioritizing key actions for maximum results.

#5. Eliminate limiting beliefs

Blast through procrastination and self-sabotaging behavior

There are some incredible belief-changing exercises in this session.  In short, you’ll eliminate even your long-standing negative beliefs and rewrite them at their source with empowering beliefs that will propel you toward the life you want.

This will naturally allow you to move forward without procrastination and self-sabotaging behavior.

#6. Develop life-enhancing habits 

Create positive and transformative habits

Most of your daily actions are driven by subconscious habits, many of which may be taking you away from your goals.  Here, you will develop both conscious and subconscious positive habits that will help you to achieve success with much less effort.   Small course changes practiced persistently lead to vastly different destinations over time. 

Building new positive habits on top of other good habits can lead to exponential improvement in outcome.

#7. Focus on solutions, not problems

Move past obstacles with a solution-focused process

You’ll learn to move past problems, challenges and obstacles with the most ease, joy and positive energy.  Rather than looking at problems you’ll be looking at solutions.

You’ll come to realize that this is where the quantum leap breakthroughs occur.  Our greatest rewards are often just the other side of our greatest perceived fears and challenges.

During this session, the challenges you face will be reframed.  Rather than being negative bad things they’ll be seen as opportunities to grow and discover new strengths and strategies that will help you again and again. And when you do move past big challenges, there will be such a sense of accomplishment. 

#8. Become extraordinary

You're on your way to becoming extraordinary

When you see the break-throughs you can achieve in 8 weeks, it will be easy to create and believe in more exceptional visions for the future, so you can become more of the amazing person you were designed to be.

We’ll make sure that you have internalized everything from the previous weeks and you’ll learn how to scale up exponentially so you can really create an ideal life with success, abundance and more…

You’ll discover that you can create the impactful life you would love and move forward freely and without struggle, because you’re clear about where you’re headed and confident that you’re using your unique gifts and talents to achieve your life’s purpose.

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About your host

Dr Deborah Lockwood is an internationally renowned cardiologist and heart rhythm specialist.  She is a certified life-coach with the Brave Thinking Institute and a certified One Belief Away hypnotist with the Hypnotism Academy of Indiana.  She is co-founder of LifeChanger LLC, a company dedicated to helping people unleash their potential using cutting-edge psychology and technology and she is the founder and host of “Success in Cardiology” where she interviews the Titans in the field.  Her passion is helping people to break through their inner glass ceilings, so they can discover and live their true passion and purpose in life.

Celebrate the wins on your journey of self-discovery; even the small ones. They will help you grow into the extraordinary person you were meant to be.


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