The LifeChanger Program

Extraordinary achievement is possible when we understand how our everyday activities fit in with our greater purpose.

Discover your true aspirations and build a rock-solid foundation to put yourself on track to living an intentional, unstoppable life.

From being overwhelmed and stuck to freedom, impact, and fulfillment – the LifeChanger program has the answers you are looking for.

Warning: This program is not for people who just want to fit in!

I’m Dr. Deborah Lockwood and I was a successful cardiologist in the USA before finding my true calling as a transformational life coach. I believe every one of us has unique gifts and talents that must be expressed in order for us to have the life we deserve. Let me help to accelerate your empowering journey to becoming the extraordinary individual you were designed to be.
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Program content

The 8-Step Path to achieve your most ambitious aspirations


Set the course for your life

Gain clarity on your true life aspirations

Discover how to ask the questions that will guide you in your journey.

Think in terms of: If I were to change one thing in my life, what would it be? or If I knew I could not fail, how would I love my life to be in 3-5 years from now?

Imagine that this has already happened. How do you feel? Is this aspiration exactly right for you, or does it need adjusting?


Believe in the possible

Learn to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve big goals

Explore how to shape your new mindset and perceive your goals in a way that makes you believe they are achievable.

Now that you know what you aspire to, how great would it be to make this happen? Ask yourself: Who do I need to become to resonate with my new life?


Discover the power of decisions

Decide to commit to your goals and watch the magic begin!

Committing to your perfect future will open up the subconscious to look for ways to achieve it.  Opportunity is everywhere when you are open to it.

The most important question you can ask yourself is: What can I do NOW, with the resources I have at the moment, to take me in the direction of my most meaningful goals, even if I can’t see the whole path to my desires?


Prioritize needle-moving activities

Learn how to use a vision of your perfect future to make your activities count

Be clear on what milestones need to have been achieved to make your goals a reality so that even unpleasant tasks can be viewed from the value they provide.

You’ll learn how to brainstorm, organize and schedule your activities using the LifeChanger app, prioritizing needle-moving actions for maximum results.


Eliminate limiting beliefs

Blast through procrastination and self-sabotaging behavior

Identify what has stopped you from already living your ideal life. Ask yourself: What has stopped me in the past? Why don’t I have this already?

Observe your limiting beliefs. e.g. lack of support or conflicting expectations from family, friends, and society; perceived lack of time or money; lack of skills or knowledge. Learn how to change these perceptions to allow effortless progress.


Develop life-enhancing habits 

Create positive and transformative habits

Small course-changes practiced persistently lead to vastly different destinations over time. Turning as many of these persistent actions into new habits makes them almost effortless.

Building new positive habits on top of other good habits can lead to exponential improvement in outcome.


Focus on solutions, not problems

Move past obstacles with a solution-focused process

Take persistent small steps in the general direction of your desired outcome and adjust as needed.

Take your weaknesses and transform them into unique helping points for yourself and others. 

Ask yourself: How can I find solutions to these limitations? Who can help me get started? Who can I learn from that has done something like this before? What changes do I have to make in me?


Become extraordinary

You're on your way to becoming extraordinary

When you see what you can achieve in 8 weeks, it will be easier to create and believe in more exceptional visions for the future, so that you can become more of the amazing person you were designed to be.

You will discover that it can be easy to create the impactful life you would love and move forward freely and without struggle, because you are clear about where you are headed and confident that you are using your unique gifts and talents to achieve your life’s purpose.

Extraordinary Is Achievable

Celebrate the wins on your journey of self-discovery; even the small ones. They will help you grow into the extraordinary person you were meant to be. 

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