LifeChanger Success Program Session 5 Power Boost 💥

Blast through procrastination and eliminate self-sabotaging behavior by eliminating limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Here’s a summary of Session 5. 

Skill #1 Notice what you are noticing
Skill #2 Is it true? (Byron Katie)
Skill #3 Watch your LANGUAGE
Skill #4 Remember your WHY
Skill #5 Up until now
Skill #6 Meditation to break down the wall between you and your goal

We’re currently in a hypnotic trance based on “suggestions” we have accepted while in a suggestive state, such as in childhood. Negative programming limits your life, but appreciate that these thoughts are not your fault and that your mind stores them in order to protect you from potentially harmful change.

We are Resourceful – consider past accomplishments for each decade of your life, especially those you were not confident you could achieve. How did you overcome challenges to achieve these?

Make it a practice to observe your limiting beliefs. e.g. lack of support or conflicting expectations from family, friends, and society; perceived lack of time or money; lack of skills or knowledge. 

This is part of Skill #1: Notice what you are noticing – Welcome limiting beliefs as they arise. After all, you can more easily consciously change them once they’re in the open. Thank them for their service. Write them down (so they know they have been heard and considered).  Create their opposite and enter it into a list called Affirmations. 

Identify what has stopped you from already living your ideal life already.  For each of your visions, ask yourself: What has stopped me in the past? Why don’t I have this already? Enter these into the LifeChanger app as “Obstacles” (go to “Edit Goal” and click on the bollard icon at the top).

If there’s an obvious solution to an obstacle, enter it as a solution. Then, see if there are any action steps you can take toward the solution and enter these into your goal Action quadrant, or into your TODO list and, if appropriate, schedule them.

If the “obstacle” is a limiting belief, turn it into its opposite and then convert it into an affirmation and enter that into your list of affirmations. Try to write affirmations as positive, believable, present tense reasonably short sentences.

Skill #2 Is it true? (based on the Work, by Byron Katie – see supplemental sheet).
Limiting thoughts/beliefs: are they really true? (under all circumstances, absolutely true?).
Turn them around to their opposite – could this be equally true?
E.g. I can’t travel to visit my children/grandchildren because I have an intermittent heart condition.

Skill #3Watch your LANGUAGE (exaggeration, catastrosizing) and create its opposite as an affirmation or a more empowering question.
I Can’t – How can I?
I am not good enough – I am worthy (or Long version: I am a fully resourced, limitless being whom God/the Universe has found worthy of being given the gift of life each day that I wake up.  Therefore I am worthy and I deserve to be living my best life).
I’m too old – I can use the wisdom and experience of my years to make this easier.
I’m too young – I have the energy, health and determination to make this happen.
It’s Impossible – This is challenging but doable.
This is too stressful – This is challenging, but I am up for it.

Skill #4: Remember your WHY – 7 levels deep.
Why do I want this? And why do I want that? And why do I want that? …
Remembering your WHY helps motivate you to push past obstacles.

Skill #5: Up until now.
Catch your self-talk saying “I always …..” e.g. (I always fail at this) or I can’t ever do this.
These statements represent a decision you’ve made about how things are, so the brain will try to keep things this way. If you add  “up until now”, this opens your brain to the possibility of change, then add “but now…” and state your preferred reality.

Skill #6: Meditation to break down the wall between you and a goal. This tells your brain that there is a way and you are going to find it.

Here’s your Homeplay:


Complete activities

Go through the items above and complete any activities that you didn’t finish during the lesson, including entering items into the LifeChanger app. 


Catch up

Catch up on previous homeplay items that you haven’t done yet.


Vision Image

Find or create an image for at least one of your visions and add it to your vision (edit goal) and click the box to “Show in Daily Inspiration”.


Affirmation Image

Find or create an image for at least one of your new Affirmations and add it to LifeChanger’s Daily Inspiration. (In the left hand menu go to “Settings”, “Daily Inspiration” and then under “Affirmations” go to the bottom and “Add New” or edit one of the affirmations already present that doesn’t speak to you.


Travel Vision

Create an additional vision – short version, that encompasses the most important items from each of your other visions.  This “travel vision” is one you can quickly refer to when you don’t have time to go through all your visions in depth, to inspire you to keep taking action.

Good luck!  This is where things really start to change for you.  Remember to celebrate everything good that happens and ask for “more like this please”.  Continue to wake up at the same time every morning and use the extra time for YOU.  Continue to drink a glass of water each morning on waking.

See you next week.

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