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Becoming Extraordinary

Discover your own amazing path to the unique extraordinary being you were meant to be.

We’re all infinite, ethereal beings (spirit) currently having a human experience. 

We’re capable of amazing things, but have become used to the idea that we are very limited.  Technology can now do amazing things, but not even the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence has the processing capacity of the human brain, let alone the human mind which, in its turn, is connected to a higher mind (God/The Universe) and therefore is limitless. 
Unfortunately, the human mind does not come with a user manual, and we are only now becoming aware of how to use it most effectively. 

This program has shown you some of the techniques that can bring some of that amazing potential to you. You do not have to believe in these principles for them to work; but you do have to use them, and to overwrite millennia of evolution and the ideas of our society and our upbringing, you will need to do the work repeatedly and often. 


Instructions on how to use your amazing capabilities

  1. Be clear on your desires and use a present tense vision of the outcome having been achieved, with clarity and emotions.
  2. Believe in the possibility of everything working out perfectly.
  3. Work out what has to be achieved for your vision to come true (milestones) by looking back from when it has already been achieved.
  4. Plan and schedule action-steps that you can take now, from where you are with what you have to take you in the direction of your desired outcome (even if the entire path is not clear to you).
  5. Are there any obstacles – why don’t you have this already?  E.g. limiting beliefs (are they really true?  Turn them into their opposite = affirmations)  or lack of knowledge or skills (do you need to either learn a new skill or find someone else with that skill who can help you?  John Assaraf – find someone who plays at what you work hard at).
  6. Make small changes in the right direction (e.g. habits) which, when practiced persistently over time, can lead to an entirely different outcome.
  7. Take action in the direction of your vision. Even a small step declares to the Universe that you’re really doing this and starts things moving that you’re not even aware of.  If you feel blocked (e.g. as though you have to push through mud) just get started with some really little action, and the resistance will often fall away.
    Note: when things start to move, your protective, primitive brain will kick in to try to stop you, such as making you feel really tired despite adequate sleep.  Expect this.  Be curious as to what it’s trying to warn you against.  Ask, Is there anything I should be aware of that’s blocking my progress? Be grateful for the warning, but reassure your brain that you’ve got this.
  8. Remember that, if you follow your inner calling, as you progress, new opportunities will arise to help you;  because the Universe is trying to support you.
  9. Frequently review your vision for the future and also revise it upward as you start to see new possibilities that you can believe in.  What you focus on increases (good or bad).  Repeatedly bringing your focus back to your visions and affirmations and the things you’re grateful for, will gradually change the way your mind functions to one that is more empowering. 
  10. Be aware of the company you keep and try to surround yourself with people who already have what you want or are already doing what you want to do.  If what you are aiming for has never been done before, then keep company with others who are also stepping out into the unknown toward something that hasn’t been done before. 
  11. Keeping your visions, milestones, affirmations and gratitude list with you in the LifeChanger app is a good way of having them to hand at all times, but much more powerful, would be to be using the app for all your day to day organization, like  having a personal assistant.  Todo lists, other lists, calendars, reminders, sharing lists with friends.  I use it for absolutely everything, so it’s always with me, always open and I am frequently reminded to have a quick look at my goals.  
  12. Journaling: when you’re vigilant about noticing and documenting and celebrating the changes occurring, you build momentum that makes manifestation certain.
  13. If you need more encouragement to move beyond the “safety” of your comfort zone, remember what staying in your comfort zone is costing you already.  The great wide river of life is already flowing in the direction you should be going in.  Trying to control things with your conscious mind is like climbing over the rocky shoreline to get downstream.  Occasionally you fall into the water and are carried a short distance, while you fight to cling onto the rocky shore as you go.  Instead, swim to the middle of the stream and let the gentle flow there take you comfortably downstream to your destination, with less effort, less danger and more speed (from Pacha Mama).
  14. Make it your practice to take yourself to what you think is your limit and then move just a little beyond it every time


Questions to consider if you are still not sure of your true calling

  • What do you think about when you’re alone and nothing is vying for your time? – your Friday night essence.
  • What are your unique talents and skills?
  • If there were nothing to stop you and anything was possible, what would you do or be?
  • What is your message to the world?

Your true destination may be difficult to visualize because it’s something completely new.  Never been done before.  But new things have been done before.  Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile.  This was thought to be impossible at the time, but in the year that followed 19 others achieved it, no longer believing it to be impossible.  New things are even more possible in this world of new technology.  We don’t have to focus on survival any more, we can move our attention to creating new things/opportunities etc.

What would happen if you unleashed your full potential?
No one, not even you, knows your potential.
No one knows how much higher, faster and stronger you can go.
Even if you don’t know now, just believe in yourself and go on the journey to find out.


Daily Routine

  • Wake at the same time each day allowing at least 60 minutes for you
  • Drink water (not coffee or soda) – at least 8 glasses per day.
  • Watch Daily Inspiration in LifeChanger. At minimum, consider things you’re grateful for. 
  • Consider your goals – dream big – then bigger. “If you don’t build castles in the air, you don’t build castles anywhere”.  Believe in the possible. Be that person.
  • Plan your day while inspired.
  • Delegate as much as possible (committing to and then trusting yourself to use the extra time constructively).
  • Watch your diet.  Cut out sugar (all carbs).  Eat more green, leafy vegetables.
  • Commuting University.
  • 30-60 minutes per day studying to improve a skill that will take you toward your goal (not just doing an extra hour of your usual work).  Often it’s lack of a skill that stops us from even starting to do something that must be done to realize our dreams.
  • Work out what skill/knowledge is missing and find a “who”.
  • Schedule time to do all things related to your goal and commit to following your schedule.
    It’s ok to set time aside (schedule time) for fun and relaxation and time with family and time for self. (Sometimes seeing time for this on your schedule helps you to focus better on work time).
  • Refer to your schedule and review your goals and affirmations repeatedly during the day.
  • Drop-in/ stop to breathe repeatedly each day (e.g. every time you touch a pen).
  • End of Day journaling (in LifeChanger).
  • Learn from the day.  Plan for next time.  Jefferson.
  • End of day meditation .
  • No screens for the last 30 minutes of the day.

We invite you to consider the following extension offers, now or in the future:

Training on the LifeChanger App
I would highly recommend you take us up on this FREE offer of training on the LifeChanger app, so you can use the app for everything. 

Repeating the program 
This can be done either by listening to the recordings or by joining a future Live Program.
Graduates of the LifeChanger Program can repeat the program LIVE for a fee of US$450 at any time in the future (usual price to take the course new is US$1997).

Ongoing monthly group coaching
This is for Program Graduates only (so in the early days of this program you may be getting very small groups or even one-on-one coaching). There will be a cost of US$1997 for one year of monthly 1 hour sessions. 

Personal one-on-one coaching
Personal one-on-one coaching with me is currently available at a cost of US $300 per hour.  This price will most likely go up over time, while the costs for the other options above are likely to remain consistent at least over the next year or two.

Coaching is for:

  1. Facilitation: Note that coaching is not for the coach to provide answers, but more to facilitate your own ability to access answers from your own higher understanding. You are the expert in what is needed to make your life work, but a coach can help you to notice what’s blocking you when it’s not always clear to you by yourself. 
  2. Safe- Space. Time spent with a coach is an opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe space without judgement, so a coach can be a sounding board for you to more clearly hear your own inner wisdom. Make it safe to explore any fears that you feel.
  3. Support. When you start to doubt yourself, as the old paradigms cling to keeping things the same, having someone to believe in you and support you can help you keep going when, alone, you might give up. 
  4. Accountability: Without support, your evolutionary resistance to change (keeping you safe in your comfort zone) is inclined to keep you busy doing displacement activity, rather than getting on with the things you need to get on with to achieve the change you have determined to create. It is easy for time to pass, without you even noticing it without regular meetings with an accountability partner.  This can be a partner in believing, or a coach. 


Contact me at deb@lifechanger.com if you are interested in any of the above extension offers.

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