LifeChanger Pro

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a world-class app to help your clients succeed, that was designed from the ground-up for the self-help community and pre-filled with your own coaching content?

Imagine the kudos of being to able to support your clients with “your own app”.

Meet LifeChanger Pro.  


Your Content - Pre Installed

Ensure your clients hit the ground running

Your Teaching Materials

Upload your audio and video content to our cloud so it appears in your client’s LifeChanger account as soon as they register; and/or use our existing Mindset boosting content.

Your Lists

Pre-populate accounts with lists and sub-lists that reinforce your message.  For example,  Do Now, Do Later, Delegate and/or goal templates pre-titled  with the elements of life you want to develop, etc.  

Tie your clients to you

Keep your name in their thoughts

Preconfigure LifeChanger so your name and coaching details are ever-present in your clients’ app.

What do your clients get?

LifeChanger is a state-of-the-art app that works on iOS, Android and the web.  Users can login on any of their devices, with information synchronized between them.   They can unlock the power of AI to help develop and fine-tune their goals and they can share selected lists with their friends.   

LifeChanger helps them to start the day inspired, develop good habits, stay motivated and organized and make progress towards their goals!

For more information, view our app page

The bottom line

What does it cost you?

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, your LifeChanger Pro account is FREE for the first year and will continue to be FREE provided 5 or more of your clients are active LifeChanger Premium users.

The only proviso is that you’ll pay for the storage of your content over 2GB.   If you have your own Vimeo Standard account, you’ll pay nothing extra. 

Begin your journey with Lifechanger

Choose the platform you want to start with. Don’t worry, you can use Lifechanger on all of them!