April 10, 2023

Transform Your Life with LifeChanger

With LifeChanger, you will learn to create a plan that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.


Do you ever feel as I did that you are meant to be more than this?  Or that life was meant to be more than this?  Do you long for more love, more abundance, more freedom, more expansion or more expression of who you really are?  Transformation from trans (change) and form (shape), implies a real change in both your circumstances and your identity, but this change doesn’t have to represent the loss of anything. You can transform your identity to be MORE of who you already are. To be who you REALLY are.  Especially if you stop trying to fit in or win the approval of those around you (especially those who don’t have what you want) and focus on what at least a part of you already knows is what you would love. 

Some people seem to have it all. They seem to have cracked the code to living life more fully than the rest of us. Whether you like them or not, people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos seem to have it all. We call them visionaries, because what they have that most others don’t is an overarching integrated vision of the future they want to create. Interviews with highly successful people in general reveal that there are clear components that are needed for real transformation. The first and most important contributor to success is having a clear vision of what you want. This vision should be something you can see, feel and hear so powerfully that it is as if it were already yours now.

Getting a clear picture of what you want can be achieved by asking the right questions. “If I knew I could not fail, what would I really love?” “Why do I want that?” Getting clear on WHY you want something often reveals that the thing you thought you wanted is just a means to something else that you want more. When you are clear why you want your vision for the future to be reality, ask “Why would now be a good time to go for it?” and just as importantly you need to ask yourself in all honesty “Why don’t I have this already?”

Then you need to break through limiting beliefs that tell you that you can’t have it. Perhaps because you feel you are not enough, or because you can see some obstacles in your path or perhaps, because it has never been done before.  If this last thought is what is holding you back, know that in today’s world, things that have never been done before are being done all the time.  With modern knowledge, technology, artificial intelligence and the wealth that allows many of us to focus on creation rather than just survival there are more opportunities than ever before to do something entirely new.  It is easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges of today’s fast moving world, but this environment also provides limitless opportunities.  Family and friends, in an attempt to protect us from disappointment, have told us that we should not expect to be able to achieve things that in the past could only be dreamed of, but we live in a totally different environment now and literally anything is possible.

Each of us is born with unique gifts and talents and I believe a unique purpose. If we all wanted the same thing, this wouldn’t work well.  But we don’t.  The first and most important step in transformation is to discover your true aspirations.
The LifeChanger program can help you to work out what your more is and how to go about making it happen. True transformation comes not from changing yourself into someone else, but from stepping into MORE of who you already are.

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