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Create and manage your lists

What is a list?

When using LifeChanger, you can organize all your tasks and ‌other pieces of information using easy-to-set lists. Learn more about how to create your own list.

How to add a list

  • click on the + button on the bottom right side of the screen
  • select List
  • name your list (e.g. Work tasks)
  • save the list

For more control, you can:

  • assign the list to another list (maybe a predefined one) and this way it becomes a sublist
  • attach it to a goal
  • pin it to a productivity zone (e.g. you can assign the Work tasks list to your Most productive zone or create a new one that fits your schedule)
  • share the list with friends or colleagues who also have access to your LifeChanger account and for an automated synchronization 
  • follow and get notified about the changes that occurred in your list

How to delete a list

  • click on the three-dotted icon (kebab icon)
  • click on Delete

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