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Create and manage your contacts

How to add a Contact

There are several ways to do this, but let’s take it step by step:

  • tap on the yellow + button on the bottom right side of the screen
  • tap Contact (you may need to tap More first to show the Contact button)
  • name your contact.  The only mandatory field is First name
  • if required, add Company, Email, Phone, Notes
  • assign it to a list (e.g. Work Contacts)
  • if required, pin your task to a goal (e.g. Perfect Team)

In order to keep track of your contact, you can also add more details:

  • set a date and time or include it in a predefined Productivity zone.  In this way, you can show the contact on your Calendar – e.g. so you have your dentist’s contact details.
  • specify a recurrence if required  and set the interval in which you should repeat this contact. Useful for birthday’s etc.
  • add a notification and choose if you want to receive an in-app alert or an email, then establish when you want to receive it
  • for more precise filtering/searching, label your contact with a tag; choose one from the predefined list or add one of your own (e.g. urgent, important, personal, work)
  • attach an image, address, work phone, URL and date of birth, if required.

How to edit a contact

In order to edit a contact:

  • click on the contact in the list
  • add all the necessary details
  • click on Save

How to duplicate a contact

If you need to duplicate any existing contact, you can easily do so:

  • click on the contact to open it
  • click on the kebab menu (three dots at the top right)
  • click on Duplicate

How to delete a contact

To delete a contact:

  • click on the contact
  • click on the kebab menu (three dots at the top right)
  • click on Delete

If you delete a contact by mistake, you have a few seconds to click Undo in the panel that shows at the bottom left of the app.  After that, all deleted contacts go in the Trash (accessible from the main menu) where you can view them and Restore them if necessary.

Good to know

On the free version of LifeChanger you can add up to 50 contacts to a list (and 30 lists in total), but if you choose the Premium plan, you have the chance to add an unlimited number of contacts and lists.

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