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First steps to creating Goals

Life goals are important for living a successful and fulfilling life as they provide us with direction and purpose and give us something to strive for. However, at times it can get overwhelming if you don’t have a system that can help you get some clarity.

LifeChanger will be your trusted friend when it comes to organizing your life goals and keeping track of your progress toward achieving them.

How to add a goal

Let’s see what steps you have to take when adding a goal in LifeChanger:

  • click on the + button on the bottom right side of the screen
  • select Goal
  • name your goal (e.g. Be an inspiring leader)
  • add more details, why do you want this? Why now? How will it help you?
  • choose if you want to see this particular goal in your Daìly Inspiration
  • add an image so you can envision what it is like to have achieved that goal
  • we recommend keeping your goal in your Goals view
  • choose the way you want to track your progress (Manual/Auto or no tracking at all)

Next, you can:

  • add at least one milestone that can help you achieve your goal (e.g. Attend a masterclass on leadership)
  • select a start date and an end date for when the milestone should be reached
  • select how you want to track the progress for the milestone
  • if you have identified any obstacles that might come across you in achieving your goal, make sure to note them and then think of a possible solution
  • after that, add a timeframe for when you should be working on your goal (set a date or include it in a predefined Productivity zone)
  • share your goal with a friend or a family member if that’s the case
  • hit the Save button and done!
Good to know

Keep in mind that creating goals is the first step in the process, so make sure you read our article on how to manage any goal you add to LifeChanger.

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