Table of contents

Review the Day

The perfect way to ensure your day ends right, freeing up your mind for a good night’s sleep is to review whatever you have planned for the day.

How to use it

Tap on Review the Day in the main menu and choose the section you want to look at.


  • expand the list
  • see each task and according to the situation, you can mark them as complete, reschedule them, move them to another list, or delete them.

Daily Journal

Our daily journal feature helps you keep track of all the important events that happened during the day. This will allow you to easily evaluate how far you’ve come in achieving your milestones and help you stay focused on reaching them.

Things I learned today

This feature lets you record all the valuable lessons you learn daily. This will help you accumulate knowledge over time and grow as an individual.

Things I can do better tomorrow

Here you can assess what didn’t go exactly how you planned during the day and what improvements can be made for the next day. This will ensure that every day is a step closer to achieving your ultimate goal!


With our easy-to-use goal-tracking system, you can easily manage multiple goals at once and monitor the progress you’ve made on each.  If you marked a goal as being for manual tracking, use the sliders and left and right arrows to indicate how close you are to reaching the goal.

Begin your journey with Lifechanger

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