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Subscription Types

LifeChanger is available as an app for iOS and Android.  It also runs in the browser at https://app.lifechanger.com . You can start by registering for an account on any of those platforms and then use the same account on any of the others.  e.g. you can start in the browser and then install the app on your phone and/or tablet later.  You can see and edit information in your account on any one of these platforms and they will all be updated.

LifeChanger Basic is free of charge.

LifeChanger Premium can be purchased on a monthly or yearly license.  View our Pricing Page for more information.  The license fee is for the account as a whole – e.g. if you start on an iPhone and pay for LifeChanger Premium there, there is no additional fee to use that same account in the browser or Andoid versions.

The same features are available in both iterations of the product but certain features are limited in the Basic version.  View our feature comparison table for more information.

If you start with the Basic version, you can upgrade to Premium at any time and all your information will still be available.  

You can cancel your Premium subscription at any time.  If you do, you’ll be able to continue using LifeChanger until the end of your existing billing period, at which time your account will revert to the Basic version.

If you want to permanently delete your data from our servers, you can do so in LifeChanger as described here.

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