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In this tutorial, we’ll give a brief overview of LifeChanger and how you can best use it to get more inspired, more organized and more in control.  Look for links throughout the text that take you to more information about particular features. 

LifeChanger was created using leading edge technologies and practices.  It’s:

  • ‘mobile first’.  It works as well on your phone and tablet as it does on your computer
  • ‘off-line first’.  It doesn’t rely on you being on-line; data is saved directly to your device so it’s always available.  Sync-ing to your other devices occurs in the background when you’re on-line, so you have the best of all worlds.   
  • designed from the ground up to be fast.  If you wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea, you want to get it entered and saved so you can get back to sleep.   


If your phone supports it, you can talk to LifeChanger and your Task will be transcribed into text without you having to fully wake up at all. 

The Basics

The Desktop is the first thing you’ll see after logging in and is the feature of LifeChanger you’ll probably use the most.   It houses your To Do list, Calendar, Goals and any other lists you create.  Here, you can add Lists, Tasks, Goals, Habits and Contacts.  Schedule tasks by drag-and-dropping them into time-slots on your Calendar or into Productivity Zones for those that aren’t time-dependent.  Assign tags to items to categorize them (e.g. personal, work, important, urgent, etc.) and so you can filter and share.

Mark tasks as To Do, Doing or Done and recur tasks that happen regularly.

Create as many lists as you like on the Desktop and embed lists in other lists to help categorize related items.  If your main View is getting busy with too many lists, create new View(s) and move some of your lists to them.  e.g. one View could hold your Shopping lists(s) and another your Project list(s). 





Daily Inspiration


Goals and (good) Habits


Review the Day


Friends, Sharing and Notifications


Begin your journey with Lifechanger

Choose the platform you want to start with. Don’t worry, you can use Lifechanger on all of them!